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Reynaud D. Jones, the man responsible for Michael Jackson's first public appearance, recalls, "In 1965, I taught Tito Jackson how to play several songs on the guitar, and then organized the Jackson brothers into a singing group, played lead guitar and together with Michael, his brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and our drummer Milford Hite, performed on stage for the first time. There were more than one thousand (1,000) people in the audience. Growing up in Gary, IN, in the 1950's and 1960's, was a dynamic time for Reynaud D. Jones.

In October 1965, Reynaud D. Jones, an energetic young sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Gary, Indiana, entered his neighborhood buddies (five brothers, ages 7-14) in a local talent show. Jones had spent four months diligently rehearsing the brothers in singing, dancing, and playing their instruments. They had only mastered two songs, but both were polished stage extravaganzas. Jones spent his own money to buy the material needed for the tailor-made, matching red ascots and cummerbunds for himself, the five brothers, and for the drummer so that they would all present professionally. When the curtain opened, Jones stepped to the microphone and excitedly announced, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a new group in our area, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, and Michael: THE JACKSON FIVE!" From that moment on, the history of American music was changed forever. And so was the life of Reynaud D. Jones. No one really knows the story and the details of their beginning, shy of the Jackson's themselves. Reynaud D. Jones does know: HE WAS THERE.

As a result, he has made numerous public appearances on TV shows:MICHAEL JACKSON:THE LIFE OF AN ICON; A David Gest Production ABC'S A.M. Chicago, interviewed by Oprah Winfrey; P.M Magazine; Geraldo; Inside Edition; The "Jackson Honor TV Special" featured in Las Vegas; NV; Spiegel TV, in Hamburg Germany; MTVN's VH1; and more! Reynaud has also been feature in periodicals around the world including, The Chicago Tribune, The Post Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, The London Daily Mirror, San Jose Mercury News (CA), The Times, and, USA Today.

                                              Reynaud Jones discusses the Jackson legacy at 2300 Jackson St.,
                                              while interviewed by RTL Television broadcast network in 2018

Reynaud D. Jones served as the Coordinator for the Lake County Community Corrections/Community Transition Program in Crown Point, Indiana. This native of Gary, Indiana, graduated from Roosevelt High School and received his B.A. in Sociology from Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee. In addition to Reynaud's thirty-seven year career in the fields of Community Corrections, Social Services and the Criminal Justice system, he has also continued to focus much of his time and energy on the music industry. It is "in his blood". Within the field of music he has professional experience as a guitarist, songwriter, and, record producer. In the late 1980's Mr. Jones redirected his musical focus to gospel music production. Most recently, since the death of our beloved Michael J. Jackson, Jones has been much sought after by the likes of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, BET, St. Petersburg Times, Post-Tribune and the BBC.